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Experience the difference of working at a Lotus clinic. At Lotus, we thrive on ensuring that you meet both your career and personal goals in a supportive and motivating environment.

  • A team of professionals that support each other, strengthening the Lotus community
  • Culture of learning, collaboration and fun!
Male Doctor testing the heart rate of a young male patient
Male Doctor testing the heart rate of a young male patient

Perks of working at Lotus are unrivalled!

  • Very competitive salary and benefits
  • Beautiful work environment that makes you feel at home
  • Technology that works for you
  • Support staff to enable you to rise
  • Parking included
Flora Golyardi, Msc, MDCM, CCP

We believe that we will only be able to resolve the current access to care practice if we use each person to the fullest of their capacity. That's why we incorporated highly trained nurse practitioners who have their own practice, caring for their own patients, with a high level of autonomy. We believe that NPs will become the pillar of a new way of delivering care across the country, where patients will be able to see the right professional, for their personal care needs, in a timely manner.

— Dr Julie Anne Buckland, MD, IPS Program Director

Flora Golyardi, Msc, MDCM, CCP

Lotus was built as a response to the hard conditions our healthcare people face every day in the system. Our mission is to create an environment where our people can thrive and grow over a long and sustainable career. We believe the well-being of our people is the most important thing in healthcare: without our professionals, there is simply no healthcare.

— Philippe Marcotte, CEO & Co-founder

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We adore this clinic! The doctors and nurses are so kind and really take their time with you. The space is also beautiful and spotless.


The best clinic I have ever visited and believe me we visited a lot of them. They are very friendly and helpful and always there for you!


The clinic is comfortable with spacious rooms. The staff is kind and polite which translates to the energy being inviting and positive.

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