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It's time to expect more from your work environment.

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What is clinic experience?

Our research shows that the standards for healthcare workplaces are stuck in the '90s. In the last decade, every single industry has seen significant change in the work experience offered to employees. Think about the design of fancy new offices, the rise of company culture, the popularity of perks such as hybrid work, flexible schedules or free snacks.

The rest of the world is getting a better work experience. We believe healthcare professionals deserve it too.

Build clean, scalable
and efficient products.

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Private office, Bloom Queen Mary

Clinic environment

Our clinics are designed for maximum functionality and efficiency as well as to provide a feel-good environment.

  • Bright, luminous setting with big windows

  • Various working spaces and private doctor offices

  • Well-stocked kitchen with snacks and beverages

  • Free parking

Clinic culture

We emphasize a strong sense of community belonging to everything we do in order to support you in the workplace.

  • Open door policy and informal mentorship

  • Learning and collaborative workshops

  • Bright and open communal spaces

  • Wellness and team bonding activities

Staff lounge area, Bloom Queen Mary
Exam room, Lotus

Practice success

Our dedicated team works alongside you to ensure you are set up for success and practicing the way you want to.

  • Flexible and personalized schedule

  • Optimized schedule reducing no-shows

  • Practice building support

  • Varied practice schedule (core and minor emergencies)

Practice with us

Make experience and efficiency the new standards for your practice.
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