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What is Clinic efficiency?

If you're a healthcare professional, you know how inefficient the healthcare sector can be.
Hours of billing? Yes. A ton of forms? Check. Endless follow-ups and patient updates? Send help.

At Lotus, we believe people should focus on what they do best and that includes healthcare professionals. We imagined the best support system we could think of and then we created it. We have dedicated teams to ensure the smoothest of operations, and we build powerful, smart technologies to optimize workflows and communications.

Build clean, scalable
and efficient products.

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Female doctor smiling at the camera with a team of doctors and nurses behind her

Clinical support

To ease the doctor's workload, our hands-on nursing team is dedicated to support every step of the patient appointment.

  • Optimal nurse to doctor ratio

  • Labs management by clinical nurse

  • Pre-appointment patient vital signs

  • Teachings, samples, follow-ups, etc.

Admin support

Forget your administrative tasks, our team will tackle all the paperwork, including billing, so you can focus on patients - and your family!

  • Billing

  • RAMQ inscriptions

  • Endless amount of forms

  • Faxes, prescription renewals, patient updates, etc.

Female doctor showing an ipad screen to a young female patient

Clinic technology

Our clinics are smart and our technologies are simple, effective and designed to work FOR you.

  • Lotus OS

    Communicate with staff and get full visibility over your schedule and patient statuses via our in-house operating system.

  • Telemedicine

    Provide virtual care to patients and access all your files easily from wherever you are.

  • EMR & Note taking

    Keep records organized with our EMR and fill out patient files seamlessly through our note-taking app.

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Make experience and efficiency the new standards for your practice.
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