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Why we created Lotus

Lotus is building the preferred healthcare operating partner for practitioners.

July 12, 2021
Caterina Rizzi
Clinic Design

After 10-14 years of medical school and residency, a doctor is born. Their hopes are to alleviate suffering, cure disease and help humanity live their best lives.

The reality is a bit different.

For every hour a doctor spends seeing a patient, they spend on average two extra hours charting, entering data, clicking buttons, filing paperwork, and chasing down patients while working in a clinical environment that is poorly designed and not equipped to neither empower them nor protect them.

Burnout and depression is rampant. Over 34% of Canadian doctors are diagnosed with clinical depression throughout their career and over 30% will burn out and need to pause their life's work and their practice.

Needless to say, the Canadian healthcare system will not be sustainable long-term if doctors continue to suffer these setbacks.

It's time to expect more from our medical spaces.

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Where it started

We started by speaking with and listening to the needs of hundreds of doctors across Canada to assess the most prevalent issues that were affecting and impeding their ability to practice medicine.

We re-imagined the clinic environment and created a space that is more collaborative, practitioner-centric, and beautifully designed.

We then added a layer of in-house technology on top of it to make it smarter and more efficient for doctors, nurses, staff and patients alike.

We built and launched our first clinic in Fall 2020 and we haven't looked back since.

Bloom Queen Mary, Staff Lounge

How it's going

We work with doctors every day to continue to build tools, best practices and develop technology that gives practitioners more autonomy to decide how to spend their time and when & where to best deliver care.

  • We continuously build new capabilities that eliminate the tasks doctors weren’t supposed to be responsible for in the first place.
  • We created and implemented Standard Operating Procedures, workflows and frameworks that scale from A to Z in any clinic.
  • We integrated existing technologies and process management solutions to provide a complete offering that is orders of magnitude better than what is available today.
  • We hired medical leaders that foster a culture that embraces openness, transparency, collaboration, listening and empathy amongst our teams.

Our mission: To be the practitioner's ally. Our goal: To create the next wave of healthcare.

Get in touch with us to see how you could become a Lotus practitioner.

Lotus is building the preferred healthcare operating partner for practitioners.

We offer a full-stack, tech-enabled medical practice dedicated to the practitioner with the goal of helping all practitioners pursue more sustainable and fulfilling careers in a clinical environment that they deserve.