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Clinic Experience and Efficiency: The importance of these ideas and why we're talking about them

Why does clinic experience and efficiency matter in the healthcare sector? We explain the value and importance of both.

July 6, 2022
Nastassia Steavu

Why does clinic experience and efficiency matter in the healthcare sector? We explain the value and importance of both. 

There have been lots of changes in the workplace environment in many industries over the last several years. Open airy office spaces, a beautiful aesthetic design, free office snacks, and lots of other perks that make going to work every day a pleasant experience. 

Now, let’s look at the healthcare industry. Do any of these factors apply? We didn’t think so. 

A New Healthcare Standard  

Health professionals are acutely aware of the fact that clinics have been looking and operating the same for years. However, what has been changing are the needs of doctors. 

We believe that in order for things to change, the healthcare industry should be offering the following:

  • Work-life balance mindset
  • Flexible schedule 
  • Enjoyable work environment
  • Optimal clinical support for doctors
  • Extensive administration support
  • A comprehensive technology that maximizes operations

As young doctors are slowly entering the workforce, becoming part of the new generation of healthcare professionals, they are looking for something better, something more that what is currently available. 

All these elements are grouped under two important factors: Experience & Efficiency. It’s been proven that given the current situation, without enough time and resources dedicated to these two fundamental pillars, doctors will simply not perform as they can because it will inevitably affect their own health. 

Unfortunately, doctor burnout is happening. This is why we decided to do something about it and address the root of the problem. 

According to NEJM Catalyst, 96% of medical professionals agree that burnout is an issue. That’s a terrifying number, and we feel it’s an important issue to address to make sure health professionals are being taken care of in the workplace.

In order to really make a difference, we believe that making Experience and Efficiency the new standard for clinic operations will increase mental well-being and ultimately offer a better experience to patients. 

Clinic Experience

It's time to expect more from your work environment.

The clinic experience involves the clinic environment, the clinic culture, and practice success. It’s that feel-good energy that emanates from the space itself, the people, and overall ambiance of the clinic. 

Looking at the very same walls every single day, we believe that the look and feel of the environment is so important. The standard look of the clinics we know today need s an upgrade.   Not to mention the feeling you get walking into work, it shouldn’t feel dreary, it should feel like a happy place with lots of light, and provide a pleasant experience for everyone.

Kitchen and lounge, Bloom Clinic Queen Mary. Clinic Experience and Efficiency by Lotus Medical
Our Bloom clinic kitchen/lounge

Clinic Environment

Everything from aesthetics of the clinic, to the space that works to support health professionals such as offices, clean lunchrooms, work pods, are all elements that provide a feel-good environment. The space should also be functional so that health professionals are set up to get their best work done. For example, having a clear distinction in terms of space dedicated to staff versus a space for patients. 

As a health professional, how much time do you spend at work? 

The space that surrounds us in a work environment directly impacts how we work. If there is constant chaos in terms of disorganization, without a minute to yourself to think or catch up on notes, the workday suddenly feels a lot more overwhelming than it should be. 

Not enough time and resources are spent on healthcare facilities. It’s time to change this outdated notion and provide healthcare professionals with an environment they feel good in when arriving at work. For some, the clinic can almost feel like a second home, so it’s important to make sure that the environment is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and has a feel-good energy all around so health professionals can get their best work done. 

Clinic Culture

A key component of making colleagues feel comfortable working together and leaning on each other for assistance is providing a sense of community in the workplace. This is also a great opportunity to provide team building activities, as well as implement co-development initiatives.

The healthcare industry is busy, and people are always on the go, running from one patient to another. However, feeling that sense of community as you walk through the clinic doors is a comforting feeling, knowing that no matter how hectic the day gets, practitioners should feel like they have others around them to support them, through good and bad days. 

Therefore, taking the time to meet with colleagues is so important, whether it’s during weekly meetings or having a chat in the lunchroom.  It’s a way for health professionals to connect, help each other grow and feel like they’re really a part of a team that’s there to support each other. 

Practice Success

Support teams can help ensure everything from your optimized schedule to the diversity of your practice helps drive your success as a physician.

Having the option to have a varied work schedule is a great benefit in terms of flexibility and assuring that your day to day doesn’t feel like it’s being repetitive. 

How do you ensure that your schedule is optimized? What happens when someone cancels an appointment? Having a customer success team will help make sure that there aren’t any gaps in your schedule, which will inevitably help achieve a more successful, optimized work day. 

As a doctor, having more patients to see, but also having a more varied workload, will ensure that you're always getting the most out of your work, making your workplace experience more rewarding and enjoyable.

For example, even if you love working in pediatrics, maybe you’d like a more fast-paced environment on occasion, such as in the minor emergency department. This is an opportunity to see new faces, work with different people, and the opportunity to treat new cases and make an impact right away. 

Whether you want to maximize your daily appointments or limit overtime to spend more time at home, it’s always important to be able to have the option to choose what works for you and your lifestyle. Your mental well-being is a top priority.

Female doctor high-fiving child patient who sits on father's lap. Clinic Experience and Efficiency by Lotus Medical

Clinic Efficiency

All the support you need for your practice is right here.

As a doctor, walking into a clinic every day doesn’t have to feel chaotic. Rushing past patients without having a moment to collect your notes, making sure all the paperwork is in order, and of course, making sure to have a full schedule is a lot to tackle without the proper systems in place to make everything as efficient as possible

Also, we can’t speak about clinic efficiency without speaking about communication. Is the nursing staff aware that the patient is waiting for them in the waiting room? Do the doctors know when their patient is ready for them? Having the ability to monitor what exactly is happening on the floor will help optimize the operations of the clinic. 

To alleviate all of the unnecessary stress, we need to have the right support system in place.

Clinical Support

The best support you can get as a health professional is being able to depend on your team within the clinic. Having enough nurses on staff is vital in order to run smooth, efficient operations. For example, walking into your patients room with their vitals already taken, as well as already being aware of any important information that can make the visit more efficient makes your job a lot easier, and the patient will be happier knowing they won’t have to be stuck at the clinic for more time than necessary.

Administrative Support

We believe that doctors chose their field because they want to provide care to their patients, and not to spend countless hours billing or doing administrative tasks. Having a support team to handle all of the administrative duties can really help alleviate the workload, and free up time in a workday. 

Having a really great support team in place could free up your personal time and help have a better work-life balance. 

Lotus OS clinic software. Clinic Experience and Efficiency by Lotus Medical
Our Lotus OS software

Clinic Technology

One of the best resources to maximize clinic efficiency is having the right technological tools in place that help make everyone’s jobs that much easier. Communications between clinic staff should be improved so that everyone is aware of patient wait times, vital sign status, whether the doctor has seen the patient, etc. Communication is key as they say, and is at the core of clinic efficiency. 

For example, ensuring that records are organized using an EMR system, as well as using a note-taking application to help fill out patient files are great assets to support the clinic staff. 

Additionally, online appointment booking is a great way to highlight the importance of using different technologies in a clinic. This will help facilitate the appointment booking process for the clinic staff, as well as for patients. 

All of these elements help improve the efficiency in the workplace, which leads to better patient care. 

Final Thoughts 

As a healthcare professional, it’s time to expect more from your work environment and get all the support you need. 

By ensuring that functionality and aesthetics are top of mind in terms of the look and feel of the clinic, to optimizing operations with the right people and tools, will inevitably lead to a better quality of life, both in and out of the workplace. 

A great clinic experience and clinic efficiency are steps in the right direction towards clinic success. 

If you’d like to learn more about joining a Lotus practice or starting a practice of your own, let’s get in touch.


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